LymphAssist™ Professional

12 Chamber Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System

Lymphassist™ Professional is an advanced Intermittent Pneumatic Compression system (IPC) which has been designed to offer clinicians an effective treatment option to manage Lymphoedema in a clinical setting (Hospital).

Developed in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists, Lymphoedema specialists and Tissue Viability nurses, Lymphassist Professional delivers a gentle and effective treatment for your patients.

In addition to the management of Lymphatic conditions, LymphAssist Professional is effective in the treatment of the following conditions when combined with an individualised monitoring program:

• Acute and chronic wound management.

• Chronic venous insufficiency.

• Oedema management.

Choice of three automatic treatment profiles

 The Lymphassist Professional system comprises an intelligent pump and a range of multi chamber arm or leg garments capable of delivering three types of treatment options.

LymphAssist™ Therapy – Exclusive to Hydroven

The unique LymphAssist™ mode replicates the basic principles of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). The automatic pressure and multi chamber sequencing helps to promote efficient fluid transfer through the patient’s lymphatic system. 

This gentle ‘directional’ rhythmic massaging stimulates the lymphatic vessels encouraging them to transport proteins and waste products away from affected areas.

Graduated Sequential Therapy

The graduated sequential therapy provides a controlled pressure differential between adjacent chambers in each garment. This therapy helps restore the natural hydrostatic balance of the limb being treated.

Wave Therapy

Wave therapy produces a gentle peristaltic cycle for those patients who may be unable to tolerate graduated sequential compression. 

The flexibility of this ‘three in one’ approach provides clinicians with the confidence that the treatment can be tailored to suit the clinical indications and patient’s requirements. Each profile allows clinicians to optimise pressure settings and treatment times to deliver the most effective treatment for managing vascular conditions.


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