Huntleigh Healthcare has been innovating and developing products that assist in the management and treatment of Vascular and Lymphatic conditions for over 30 years. Linking this experience to products such as our world class hand held Dopplers and assessment systems, Huntleigh are uniquely positioned to offer clinicians comprehensive solutions for the holistic assessment and treatment of vascular conditions.

Designed for patients compliance and comfort

The Problem

Disruption of the Lymphatic system has severe and sometimes debilitating implications for the patient. Lymphoedema has no cure but can be successfully managed when diagnosed and treated.

The Solution

LymphAssist™ with its unique LymphAssistTM mode is an advanced Intermittent Pneumatic Compression system (IPC) which has been designed to offer both clinicians and patients an effective treatment option to manage Lymphoedema.

Developed in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapists, Lymphoedema specialists and Tissue Viability nurses, LymphAssist™ Professional delivers a gentle and effective treatment for your patients, whilst LymphAssist™ homecare is an effective and clinically proven device for patient home use.

In addition to the management of Lymphatic conditions, LymphAssist™ is effective in the treatment of the following conditions when combined with an individualised monitoring program.

• Acute and chronic wound management.

• Chronic venous insufficiency.

• Oedema management.

Choice of three automatic treatment profiles

The LymphAssist™ system comprises an intelligent pump and a range of multi chamber arm or leg garments capable of delivering three types of treatment options.

LymphAssist™ Therapy – Exclusive to LymphAssist™

The unique LymphAssistTM mode replicates the basic principles of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). The automatic pressure and multi chamber sequencing helps to promote efficient fluid transfer through the patient’s lymphatic system.

This gentle ‘directional’ rhythmic massaging stimulates the lymphatic vessels encouraging them to transport proteins and waste products away from affected areas.


Graduated Sequential Therapy

The graduated sequential therapy provides a controlled pressure differential between adjacent chambers in each garment. This therapy helps restore the natural hydrostatic balance of the limb being treated.


Wave Therapy

Wave therapy produces a gentle peristaltic cycle for those patients who may be unable to tolerate graduated sequential compression.

The flexibility of this ‘three in one’ approach provides clinicians with the confidence that the treatment can be tailored to suit the clinical indications and patient’s requirements. Each profile allows clinicians to optimise pressure settings and treatment times to deliver the most effective treatment for managing vascular conditions.


NEW Flexi Hose

The NEW flexi-hose allows the patient to be positioned comfortably without compromising access to system controls or indicators. The easy clean and anti-kink hose assists efficient system set up.

NEW graphical control panel

The NEW graphical control panel incorporating high visibility LED displays separates the main system controls.

Garment pressure and mode is displayed on the upper display, whilst the timing and cycle information is displayed on the lower display. This efficient layout keeps both user and clinician informed of the treatment cycle.

Single or bi-lateral assessment is possible by simply connecting two garments to the LymphAssist™ system. A simple polarised push fit allows safe and accurate garment connection.

Garments and inserts

Unlike single chamber garments which can move fluid in both directions, the comfortable 12 chamber garments in conjunction with the customised treatment profiles moves fluid away from the affected areas.

Inserts can be used to accommodate larger limbs, the overlapping chambers under the ‘zip in’ insert provide total circumferential compression which assists with the effective transport of fluid.

Anti-tamper and lock facility

The pressure, cycle time and treatment options are protected by a lock feature which prevents accidental adjustment of the treatment profile and is ideal for homecare applications.

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